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Business to business

Let us show you the new way of sharing a beauty experience!!!


Why not retain old customers and attract new ones through our bespoke B2B service. As companies are rethinking their cost savings strategies and using more efficient ways to shop & package gifts for their clients, we invite you to take advantage of this unique offer. From Christmas gifts to celebration gifts and even for staff appreciation you can let us take the hassle off you as we can provide with the perfect choice of beauty products put together by professionals and could come with each with your desired chosen theme.  By using our B2B service you can reduce the cost of sourcing and packaging gifts internally.


We accommodate large and small budgets and cater to all business sectors including public sectors. This package includes a professional, classy delivery package right to the doorstep of the benefactor with the all-important surprise element if desired.


Whether you are looking for incentives, rewards, birthday gifts or bespoke gifts for your enthusiastic staff, team or clients, our B2B bespoke service can be tailored to the specific needs. Our dedicated, friendly and experienced team will work with you to fulfil your needs all you have to do is call or email to initiate the conversation on your specific business need. They will advise you based on your goal and your budget.

Please find below more information about different possible options for this service.  


B2B by Phone or Email

You can contact us by email, upon receipt of your order we will create an account for you and fill up your cart with the selected items, we will then send your account details to you via email which you can update at any time. On accessing your account you can view your cart/order history and confirm your selection and proceed to make payment. You can also add or remove products prior payment. There will also be recommended products at check out for you to consider. .



Gift Cards

Our gift card is an exclusive way of enticing and retaining your staff, client or contractors. The exclusive service will make them feel valued, it offers flexibility, you can load any amount between N3000 – N100,000. Please note that our Physical gift card is valid for 18 months after it has been issued and delivered to you.


Features & Benefits of our Gift Cards

  • Enjoy free and next day delivery of your orders
  • Can hold value of  N3000 – N100,000
  • Valid for 18 months from the date of issue
  • Offers the flexibility of topping up with any amount at any time before the expiry date
  • Free gift wrapping with option of customizing a message for the recipient


Please click the link below to complete the form, if you wish to order your gift online


Contact Us

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eGift Card

An efficient and reliable way to reward customers for your loyalty or as a quick option to celebrate someone. Our eGift card rewards instantly when you purchase an item from our site.


To access BeMP eGift card, you will need to complete and submit the form below. Upon receipt we will instantly send you the gift card in a PDF format or a URL link which will be activated after you have made payment for your eGift order. With this you can load any amount from N3000-N50000


Our eGift card is an online service which is delivered via the internet and hence can only be available to spend for a duration 3 months from the date it is issued to you.


Please click the link below to complete the form, if you wish to order your gift online.


Contact Us

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Features & Benefits of  our eGift Card

  • Can be loaded from N3000 – N50,000
  • Flexible, quick and efficient delivery
  • Ability to customize the message to your recipient
  • Available to download as PDF or a URL link to be sent to your recipient




Benefits of our B2B Service

  • Cost efficient way of making client and staff feel valued
  • Flexibility of selecting from our bespoke renowned B2B products from top brands
  • Customized business solution & Discounts on large orders
  • Dedicated customer service representative available to support you all through


To make use of this service, contact our friendly and experienced team using the contacts below or complete the form below by selecting the B2B enquiry option.


Phone: +2348099997354 


What’s more?

We offer competitive discount of 2% on purchases over N70,000 in one transaction, making our B2B even a better value

For orders over N70,000 please contact our support team on +2348099997354.


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